We are offering Artificial Intelligence-enabled cloud telephony solutions for hassle free business service. Automate your customer communication with advanced recognition of speech, analytics and reporting.
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Contextual Conversations

The CRM data is managed to provide better context to conversations. Both Text to Speech and Automated Speech Recognition (speech to text) work parallel and together. This will help to identify customer pain points effectively in advance and solve problems or queries very quickly and efficiently.

Automate and Reduce Human Intervention

The interactive IVR commendably measures clients’ pain points and issues, systematizes quality checks and it is absolutely accurate and quicker – hence it enhances the output of existing agents.

Near-Human Voice Quality

Flexfony’s personalized IVR quality ensures unremarkable ‘naturalness’ (audio output closely resembling human voice) and ‘intelligibility’ (easily understood).

Real-Time Data Dashboard

Get tortious understandings with speech analytics to support and assist your decision making. Here the data is also available that too in visual format.

Get Actionable Insights

This is a Customizable data dashboard, for helping you to get better acumen and to take deliberate and data-backed decisions. This will help you to enhance your business returns.


Graphic reports and dashboards
Customize rules, filters and alerts
View and download reports across devices.

AI, transforming the traditional way of doing business


The Customer who is waiting for the product to be delivered can now easily interact with the IVR and check or change the date, time and location of their drop-offs. Through this not only the customer will be satisfied for the service but also your business will avail the advantage. Actually you will not have to face the waste of time and efforts for delivery failures; most of all, the loss of money for last minute cancellation will also be avoided.


Recognize the lead score and get an accurate view of your income and expenses channel. Flexfony’s AI capabilities can listen to millions of discussions and talks. It is proficient to categories leads into hot, warm and cold, based on voice interactions between the telesales executive and the customer


Now you would not need the human agent driven call center. Get an AI powered IVR to handle real time customer queries related to any issue. Whether, the query is about stock prices for any listed trading company,or anything else, we are efficient to sort them all, at their choice and during anytime of the day.


Flexfony’s AI-powered smart IVR is now capable of execution of tasks that were formerly done by human agents. Some of the works are listed as rebooking tickets in an airline of choice at a requested time. The smart IVR can now understand the need of a traveller (“lowest priced ticket at 1600 hrs?”) and take further action automatically.


Get appropriate information about the customers without going through each phone call. You can also spot keywords to recognize the customer emotion, manage and categorize leads and find the stage of the deal with Flexfony’s AI capabilities. Enjoy greater control over free listings and monetize them.


AI-powered smart IVR can book a table at your requested time in a restaurant of your choice. Couldn’t get a table? Our IVR can direct you to other eating options filtered by geography, cuisine, closing time, payment options etc.

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