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Integrating your CRM with an API will increase your sales and promote customer growth

CRM or customer relationship management software is used to manage your business interactions with probable customers as well as present customers. A CRM is strategically designed to help companies expand their customer base and preserve the existing customer base in good health. This has led to increase in productivity and helped improve customer retention and satisfaction. It is a powerful tool that is especially helpful if you are a startup or a small business intending to reach wider frontiers. Integrating your existing CRM with cloud telephony will be a great business move as it is likely to pay rich dividends in the near future.

Your existing CRM integration with an API or Application Programming Interface will allow you to improve customer connectivity in a higher magnitude. It will allow you to convert customary leads to profitable leads, and help increase sales. Integration of your business CRM with the API will enable you to promote your business by sending business messages directly. The software will also integrate a greeting when a customer calls for query. You will be able to track all calls and record them whether they are incoming or outgoing so you will know that leads are followed properly and efforts have been made to convert them into business.

Customer base building is a hard task and the integration will help you achieve that in real quick time and sustain them with proper follow-ups so they remain loyally with you. Our plug-n-play integration tools may be what your business is looking for to achieve higher volume of business. Get in touch with us if you want to integrate.

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