Personalized Automated Outbound Calling

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Automated phone calling services by Flexfony

Quickest way to reach a large set of audience in one go

Unprecedented Reach

Keep track and stay in touch with the league of thousands of customers concurrently. The automated SMS and voice calls bursts you can manage it all conveniently. More touch points = More leads = more conversions

Optimize Outbound Campaigns

Organize automatic outbound calling to make product broadcasts, publicity, persuasive offers, follow ups & reminders and status updates for customers and much more

Instant Customer Feedback

The fastest, instant and the most cost effective way to reach the customer is outbound call center service. With us you can avail automatic outbound calls. Through these calls you can instantly get customer feedback and response for any particular service and this will not cost anything to them. (Eg: Did you like X? Press 1 for ‘Yes’ and 2 for ‘No’)

Personalized Automated Customer Experience

There are ample of features that you can attain by hiring us. Through Flexfony’s outgoing automated calling system one can easily generate a personalized user experience with human like voice quality of the message, voice modulation proficiencies to depict the feelings of compassion and regional IVR

Increased Productivity

Lift the agent output by mechanizing works such as daily follow-ups, declarations & reminders. Through this system the agents can invest time in focusing on quality needs.

Campaign Analytics

You can easily analyse that how you campaign is managed, the ratio of response you got from the customer and other related data. Use these acumen and strategize the things in a better way



Our all new state of the art AI powered Text-To-Speech(TTS) service converts text into realistic speech or voice. Now, IVRs will talk with natural human voices. These energized services come with Speech Synthesis Markup Language(SSML)-enhanced input text. The natural-sounding speech will ensurecompany’s supercharge customer involvement on existing applications.

Key benefits of TTS-
Abridged labor force environment
Process all calls in a single day
Minimal manual efforts required
Cut the operational costs by up to 70%

Simple Solution. Power Packed Features

Outbound calling to broadcast information and maximise outreach

Zero setup,infrastructural or operational cost

Automatic internet calling/hosted service eliminates the constraint of ordering a traditional and expensive PBX system. In fact, you don’t need to hire inbound and outbound call center agents.Thus, it helps to save a business owner’s time and money

Ensure compliance with TRAI’s NDNC regulations

Pursue the approval via an automatic SMS and avoid legal annoyances by calling NDNC numbers

Reports & real time analytics dashboard

Get real time call figures on your inbound and outbound calls like agent on call, connectivity % , Call duration. This will help you to enhance the employee productivity & Reports around lead status, Duration, follow-up schedule observance, etc.

International reach

You can easily track international markets and audiences at a very competitive pricing in the industry

Web Based

The automatic calling solution by FlexFony does not require any additional hardware or software installation. Moreover, it can blast calls and SMS from any terrestrial place

Schedule Calls and SMS

To optimize your target audience you can also plan a new product alert calls or reminder SMS. This will help you to satisfy the need of your outbound campaign.

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