Progressive Dialer Software Automate Outbound Calls for Agents

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Enhance Agent Productivity with a Progressive Dialer Software

Enhance your agent’s productivity with our Progressive dialer’ service. Now allow your agents to answer progressive calls for multiple campaigns, at the pace of the campaign.

Maximize Business Outcome

It’s time to enhance the contact rates and get better business revenues with our automated dialer software.

More Leads and Revenue

We enable you to save more time on dialing and help you spend more time talking to live prospects. This will allow you to boost the sale and financial gains at the same time.

Connect Outbound Calls based on Agent and Lead Connectivity

His service the call be connected to the agent if, he is available to take calls. Through this method you can easily avoid disconnected numbers for prospects, heavy connection lines, busy signals and answering machines as well.

Save Agent TIme and Improve Productivity

Boost the agent’s productivity and save more of their time with the outbound calling process.

Easily integrate your dialer with any CRM Solution

Agents can see caller details for a live call on their CRM. CRM details for the particular customer will be popped up, thereby making the agent aware about the current customer and giving him more context.

Key Features

DND Filtering/Scrubbing

DND Scrubbing saves you from any compliance trouble as the customers on DND will not receive updates for your service or product.

Live Analytics & Dashboard

Live Calls page has been revised to show Agent Type. Here, you can get summary for outbound calls and agents on call data as well. Agents will receive inbound calls and can make outbound calls as well.

Upload Phonebook

Save time from feeding contact numbers again and again. You can upload the phonebook on the panel once and you are all sorted. The automated outbound calling process will save a lot of time for such things.

Campaign Logs

Campaign log gives you the apt status of ongoing calls, hold calls and completed calls. These logs can be filtered by using appropriate filter type.

Agents Summary

You can instantly change agent’s availability status, agent type (inbound or outbound) and type of call group. You can do it all with a singular dashboard.

Call Center

For cold callings and inside sales of the product the outbound dialers are the most effective feature.

Banking Sector

The productivity of inside sales can be boosted by progressive auto dialer software as the generated leads for the banking sector are quite higher.

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