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Thousands of businesses reap huge benefits from virtual number services

Convert More Leads

A virtual number diverts calls to your agent’s number when you are not able to receive calls. This enables you to get all the calls for business leads and none of the call can be missed ever. In fact, you can also track, record and respond to every incoming business call and drive conversions out of those calls.

Identify Quality Leads

You can measure caller’s intentions and interest and rate conversations with customers to classify leads with the programmed keyword spotting feature. Encourage probable prospects and reduce agitation

Convert Mobile Web Visitors Into Customers

When you announce your virtual number on the website, it induces calls straightaway with the agents. This will automatically cut customer waiting time and discourse inquiries and interests in real time and convert more leads

Manage Business Calls Anytime, Anywhere

Virtual number provides the controllability to manage sales without being restrained to your workplace. These calls from the prospects can be progressed to your personal mobile phone so you manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Safeguard Employee and Client Identity

Virtual number solution can protection the employee and clients identity by hiding the particular phone number while to and fro of the calls

Boost Agent Productivity

Intelligent call routing spots an idle representative or agent. Thus it directs the call from customers to them

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Deep Analytics

By this we mean that you will be able to get calls and campaign reports, caller location and analytics for all inbound calls that are directed via the business website and the provided virtual number. You can also find and analyze the source of incoming website visitors.

Smart Call Routing

These are the calls that can be routed to the regional agent. It basically redirects customer’s calls automatically to the regional agent based on the callers history and location.

Universal CRM Integration

The virtual numbers provided by us can be integrated with all leading CRM software. It can also create customizable dashboard by gathering and syncing scattered customers information through varied sources.

Multiple Call Handling

With our virtual number services 50 calls can be handled simultaneously. This will enhance your received calls rate by 80%. It will turn your peak hour calling load to hassle free operations.

Local and International

Get Numbers for both domestic and global markets to make your business location universal

Efficient 24/7 Support

For efficient professional image it is required to provide strong customer support 24/7 and 365 days a year that too, with smooth functioning

Hosted Services

Elude investment in infrastructure as FlexFony’s virtual number solution tailors IVR flow, facilitates CRM integrations and provide API’s to accommodate to a client’s business requests

Support VOIP and PSTN Calls

We upkeep customary PSTN calling globally and VOIP calling in international markets

Be More Productive

FlexFony’s auto keyword spotting, IVR automation and AI-based sentiment analysis topographies let you save a lot of the bandwidth

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