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Benefit from India’s best missed call solutions provider

A missed call is the fastest way to get the perfect business leads as the customer who is voluntarily calling or giving miss calls is certainly interested in what you are offering. Use Flexfony's missed call service to route missed call campaigns for your business and escalate the number of leads by up to 80%.

Generate leads with our missed call solutions

Missed call solutions enables you to instantly acquire the customers and the customer base data in real time. Every missed call you receive here is genuine business lead or prospect.

Hyper targeted approach with missed call marketing campaigns

Through a missed call marketing number you can cover the remote area or rural areas where people are not very friendly with internet or smart phones. Basically, technologically deprived customers can also reach you with convenience. Basically, it will increase your business leads and enhance the target audience details.

Use your missed call number to provide opt-ins

As per TRAI, people registered on DND cannot be contacted. Give a missed call number to ask for approval of their interest and avoid legal hassles. You can then, liberally take in these numbers to your database as business leads

On-demand content facility with our missed call solutions

A missed call number isunification with the outbound calling service. Hence, it can be used by brands to share personalized content with your target audience over a phone call

Build interactive campaigns with our missed call solutions

It is a very useful service through which you can conduct polls, surveys and gather valuable customer feedback or response to upkeep your outbound campaigns. Use missed call solutions to call back your customer and allure them with attractive deals or detailed service information that too, within very pocket friendly and competitive prices.

Optimize campaigns and audience with Flexfony’s missed call solutions

Our missed call solution finds multiple applications across industries
  • You can enhance your customer base by publishing a missed call number
  • Any missed call received on your published missed call number is certainly a genuine business lead.
  • Tracks missed call with the help of reminders so that; you will never miss a call again.
  • Use our missed call solution to demeanor research polls and surveys before launching new products and services
  • Syndicate the missed call service with outbound calling solution for prompt customer arrangement and quick conversions
  • Publish a missed call number on different mediums (TV, Print, and website) and track the recital of each channel basis the number of missed call notifications.

Your business can do more with a missed call number

How you should integrate Flexfony’s missed call solutions with your business to increase revenue

Toll free missed calls for your customers

Incorporate an existing toll free number with the missed call solution and enhance the performance and response from your campaigns

Easily Integrate your missed call number with CRM and Google Analytics

Our missed call solution can easily be unified with custom analytics tools. Get insights and define user journey with a reporting interface

Return multiple missed calls

Missed call solutions can conveniently be accustomed to respond up to 50 missed calls simultaneously, that too, in less than a second.

Missed call automatically disconnects after one ring

Missed call solutions is absolutely free solution to the customer. The missed call app has turned out to be a source of documenting customer concern and a follow up call/SMS is straightaway generated to continue the engagement

Low deployment time on your missed call number

Once you buy a missed call number, it will be activated within 10 minutes or will be assimilated with an existing number

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